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3rd Grade

Social Studies

1.  Ask students fun fact questions.

Click here for list.

2.  Watch the movie Wheels of Progress.

3.  How did people move goods from one place to another before there were trucks?

Goods were moved by foot, animal, horse drawn wagon and boat

Define what goods are and ask students to list some different kinds of goods.

Goods are something you buy

Why is trucking important to America and the delivery of goods?
Trucking is important because the boats and trains can only get goods to the station/dock and they need another mode of transportation to get them to the stores where they are going to be sold.  Trucking has made it faster, easier, and more efficient to get goods to the stores.

4. Why do you think the 1930 U.S. Mail truck has skis instead of wheels?

This truck is the U.S. Mail truck and it has skis on it to get the mail when heavier trucks are stuck in the snow.

5. Define logo.

A logo is a graphic representation of a name, symbol or trademark created to make a product easily recognizable. 

Ask students to name some popular logos.

Wendy’s, Nike, John Deere, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Subway, Nintendo, XBox, etc.

Point out some of the truck logos like Mack and Diamond T.

The Mack bulldog logo came from soldiers in World War I who thought the 1916 AC Mack truck looked like the English Bulldog’s flat nose and face.  The Diamond T logo got its name from “diamond” meaning quality and the “T” stood for Tilt, the last name of the founder of the company.

6. Today we use refrigerated trucks to haul items that need to stay cold.  How did they used to keep
    items cold while hauling them?

Blocks of dry ice were placed in the trailer.  Some trailers had fans inside that would blow across the dry ice and circulate cool air.

Point out the 1911 Walker Electric truck that was used by Bowman Dairy to haul milk to hospitals and restaurants.


1.  How many trucks are in the museum?

2.  How many more gas pumps with glass tops are there than rectangle oil pumps?

These are located in the lobby as well as the exhibit hall.

3.  Find the difference between the number of tires on a semi truck with a trailer and the number of
     tires on a car.

Semi trucks with trailers have 18 wheels.  Cars have 4.  The difference is 14.

4.  If the 1917 Velie can drive at 12 MPH and the 1924 Brockway can drive at 20 MPH and they both
     left the museum at the same time to drive to the Walcott Post Office, which truck would get
     there first?

The 1924 Brockway

Ideas for the Classroom

  • Ask the children to write a letter to a family member explaining what they learned during their visit to the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum.  Mail the letters.
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