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The Iowa 80 Trucking Museum collection was started by Iowa 80 Truckstop founder, Bill Moon. Bill Moon had a passion for trucks and was always looking for a new truck or trucking artifacts to add to his collection. There are now over 100 antique trucks on display in the museum. We also have 304 original petroliana signs and 24 vintage gas pumps.

Iowa 80 Trucking Museum - Exhibit

Truck of the Month

These were built by Autocar for the Edgcomb Steel Company in Philadelphia, PA. Edgcomb Steel Company was founded in 1923 and worked with metals that included iron, like steel, and metals without.
  • The company wanted to stand out and show their prowess at suppling metal, so they made almost the entire car out of stainless-steel sheet metal. This Autocar has its cab, bumper, hood, fenders, running boards, radiator shells, aprons, and exhaust stack made entirely of stainless steel.
  • Only 13 of these stainless steel Autocars were built, but either 8 or 9 have been preserved. That’s a high survival rate!
  • Fun Facts: 
    • This Autocar is only one of two built with a diesel engine.
    • Stainless steel is a very strong material that is resistant to damage, which is why the truck is in such good condition. However, any damage it does take is incredibly difficult to fix.
    • These stainless steel Autocars were incredibly difficult to drive, due to the reflection and glare of the sun shining on you from the metal hood, along with the heat.

    Other Exhibits on Display

    • Cummins ISX Engine
    • NH-250 Cummins Cutaway
    • Knox 5th Wheel and Radiator
    • Bill Moon Tribute
    • Hall Scott Engine
    • Antique Gas Pumps
    • Antique Metal Signs
    • Vintage Transportation Related Toys
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