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The Iowa 80 Trucking Museum collection was started by Iowa 80 Truckstop founder, Bill Moon. Bill Moon had a passion for trucks and was always looking for a new truck or trucking artifacts to add to his collection. There are now over 100 antique trucks on display in the museum. We also have 304 original petroliana signs and 24 vintage gas pumps.

Iowa 80 Trucking Museum - Exhibit

Truck of the Month

A Bit of History: 
  • Kenworth got its start as a car and truck dealership in Portland, Oregon and was originally known as Gerlinger Motors. Harry Kent and Edgar Worthington purchased the company when it went bankrupt, and reincorporated as the Kenworth Motor Truck Company, drawing its name from a combination of the two founders’ last names. 
  • In the 1930s, Kenworth became the first American truck company to offer diesel trucks and sleeper cabs. 
  • This 1952 ‘Bullnose’ Kenworth KCK was purchased new by the Dressler Ranch in Gardnerville, NV and used to haul cattle until the end of the 20th century. 
  • Jim Dobbas purchased this truck in 1991 and used it to haul cattle to his farm in Sierra Valley, CA until 1999 when the truck was retired. 
  Fun Facts: 
  • The top speed of this truck is 50 miles per hour. 
  • This truck’s chassis weighs 16,190 pounds and it boasts an impressive gross weight of 42,000 pounds.  
  • The trailer on the back is a 1952 Utility. It was extended five feet – making the whole unit 65 feet long – when length laws changed in California and Nevada. The stop lights, fifth wheel, and front axle on it are all original. 
  • Holes along the side of the trailer were used to hold panels in place so that livestock and other loads could be separated. 
  • At one point, this Kenworth was used to haul cottonseed meal into Oregon and Nevada out of the Fresno area. Side doors were put on the trailer to make it easier to load and unload sacks.

Other Exhibits on Display

  • Cummins ISX Engine
  • NH-250 Cummins Cutaway
  • Knox 5th Wheel and Radiator
  • Bill Moon Tribute
  • Hall Scott Engine
  • Antique Gas Pumps
  • Antique Metal Signs
  • Vintage Transportation Related Toys
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