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The Iowa 80 Trucking Museum collection was started by Iowa 80 Truckstop founder, Bill Moon. Bill Moon had a passion for trucks and was always looking for a new truck or trucking artifacts to add to his collection. There are now over 100 antique trucks on display in the museum. We also have 304 original petroliana signs and 24 vintage gas pumps.

Iowa 80 Trucking Museum - Exhibit

Truck of the Month

A Bit of History: 
  • Few antique trucks can claim to rival the impressive reputation of the Mack AC. Most famously used in World War I, this iconic truck was in production from 1916 all the way through 1938. Over 40,000 were produced.
  • Mack earned its reputation for durability and dependability in World War I. Over 6,000 Mack ACs saw use in Europe during this time. Legend has it that the famous bulldog moniker was started by British soldiers, who asked for the “Mack bulldogs” whenever a difficult transport situation presented itself. The Mack Bulldog branding is still in use today.
  • This particular AC is very special: it was the first to roll off the assembly line in 1916! The museum is extremely fortunate to own the very first production model of such an important. It was this truck that was displayed at the Boston Auto Show in 1916 upon the model’s release.
Fun Facts: 
  • Despite being discontinued in 1938, Mack ACs were a common sight on city streets well into the 1950s. This was owed to their incredible reliability and ease of repair.
  • Unlike many of our trucks, the chain of ownership of this Mack is very well documented. It was sold from the Boston Auto Show to Boston Ice & Coal Company in 1916. It was later traded back to the Mack dealer, where it was used to do odd jobs around the dealership. Next, it moved to Zimmerman Auto Museum in Harrisburg, PA, before settling at Harrah’s Casinos. We acquired this AC from Harrah’s in 1981, and it has been here ever since!
  • We fully restored this truck in 2002. It is currently on display at the Iowa 80 Group headquarters building.

Other Exhibits on Display

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  • NH-250 Cummins Cutaway
  • Knox 5th Wheel and Radiator
  • Bill Moon Tribute
  • Hall Scott Engine
  • Antique Gas Pumps
  • Antique Metal Signs
  • Vintage Transportation Related Toys
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