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1979 Jeep J-10 Honcho

A Bit of History:

  • The first Jeep truck ever made was the Willys-Overland. It was introduced in 1947 and marketed to the modern farmer. It was available in four-wheel drive, a feature companies like Ford and Chevrolet did not offer until nearly a decade later.
  • The Willys-Overland was replaced in 1962 by the Jeep Gladiator, which became known as the ‘J-Series’ beginning in 1971. In 1987, Chrysler bought AMC (American Motors Corporation) and decided to discontinue the line. The Gladiator/’J-Series’ still remains Jeep’s longest running pickup truck to this day.
  • Jeep began using the model names J10 and J20 beginning in 1974. The J20 was a heavier duty truck than the J10; it was designed to be a work truck.
  • Military versions of civilian Jeep pickups – namely the M715 and M725 – were built from 1967 until 1969.


Fun Facts:

  • Jeep offered three trim packages for the J-10 pickup in the mid- to late-1970s: The Honcho (or ‘Boss’), the Golden Eagle, and the 10-4. The Honcho package varied from year to year but always included bold stripping and decals. A special Jeep J10 Honcho Levi Strauss edition offered denim interior and a blue steering wheel.
  • The square headlights like the ones you see on this truck were an updated feature for the 1979 model.
  • Mounted on the front of this truck is a Warn Zeon 12-volt electric winch; it has a pull capacity of 12,000 pounds or about the weight of an adult elephant.
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