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1946 M-16 Studebaker

A Bit of History:

  • In 1946 – 19,450 M-16 Studebaker Models were produced. We are lucky to have one of them in our collection!
  • Our 1946 M-16 Studebaker rolled off the production line as a two-axle, six wheeler, 1-1/2 ton with a standard cab and chassis. Once purchased, the owner hand-built a 12 foot long trailer to go on with the truck. After being on the farm for a few years, the farmer needed a larger truck, so he added the third axle.
  • Our 1946 M-16 Studebaker has a personal touch of the original owner. He was in need of a sleeper, so he mounted to the trailer above the cab of the truck
  • The heaviest load our 1946 M-16 Studebaker is known to have hauled is a load of cob-corn, weighing in at a grossed 42,900 pounds.
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