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1969 International Loadstar

A Bit of History:

  • International (formerly International Harvester) has been a major player in the commercial truck market for over a century.
  • The International Loadstar was a very popular medium-duty truck offered from 1962 through 1978. The Loadstar was adapted for innumerable uses – they were agricultural grain haulers, concrete mixers, moving vans, school buses, and fire trucks. The platform’s versatility certainly contributed to its longevity.
  • This particular Loadstar was modified for pulling mobile homes. Its wheelbase is adjustable – it slides out to be more stable on the highway but compresses in order to maneuver in tight trailer courts. Trucks like this are referred to as “toter trucks.”
  • Today, shortened-wheelbase trucks like this toter are much less popular. Trailer courts are often more spacious than they used to be, making the maneuverability of the trucks less important. You’d be much more likely to see mobile homes being transported via a traditional tractor trailer today.

Fun Facts:

  • In its shortened form, this Loadstar is only 120 inches long! It is nearly long as it is wide. Compare that to a compact car like a Honda Fit, which is about 162 inches long. This truck is tiny!
  • Based off a registration sticker on the windshield, this truck was in use until 1998. Such a long lifespan is not unusual for a specialized truck like this, which has little practical use outside of a trailer park.
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