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1951 Sterling-White HD 2254


A Bit of History: 

  • In 1951 the Sterling Motor Truck Company merged with the White Motor Company, and all Sterling trucks were rebranded Sterling-White.  
  • This specific unit was used in California and originally had a bed on the back. It also had a short trailer with a steerable front axle to help with the curved roads of California. 
  • Just two years after being merged, White Motor Company bought the Autocar Company, and they discontinued the Sterling trucks in 1953. 

Fun Facts: 

  • This specific unit was one of the first trucks made after the companies merged and it has a late 40’s style. 
  • The Sterling-White HD 2254 was one of the first trucks to offer a Cummins diesel engine as factory option. 
  • The truck has a low Horsepower, at only 150 HP. If you had to haul things up a mountain, it would have been faster to walk than to drive this truck. 
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