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Fun Fact Questions


How much does a truck and trailer weigh?

80,000 lbs! That’s the same as 28 cars or 1,600 second graders.

Which pet dog gave its name to an early style of truck and why?

The English Bulldog. The Mack bulldog logo came from soldiers in World War I who thought the 1916 AC Mack truck looked like the English Bulldog’s flat nose and face.

How much does a truck and trailer cost?

A really nice truck can cost $185,000 and a trailer can cost $25,000. Together they would cost $210,000.

As you travel down the interstate, a “silver bullet” passes you. What is it?

A tanker truck. Most food grade tankers are made of stainless steel and are shiny silver in color.

How long is the average truck and trailer?

75 feet! That is about as long as 225 hotdogs placed end to end.

On the CB, a driver tells you that there is a “Parking Lot” two miles ahead. What is a “Parking Lot”?

A traffic jam! For whatever reason the traffic has stopped on the road and it looks like they are all parked.

True or False? Interstate highways that run east-west have even numbers.

True. If the interstate has an even number, like I-80, it runs east-west. If the interstate has an odd number, like I-35, it runs north-south. Interstates with three numbers, like I-280, are beltways around cities or spurs off other interstates.

You’re driving your big rig down the road when you hear someone say on the CB, “There’s an alligator in the road.” What do they mean?

It’s a large piece of tire tread from a blown tire.

There are many different sizes of trailers but the most common size van trailers are 28ft, 48ft, and 53ft. What are 28ft trailers commonly called?

Pup trailers. We see them a lot being pulled in pairs, called doubles. You may have seen UPS semi trucks pulling these.

What is the longest interstate highway in the United States?

Interstate 90 – it is nearly 3,100 miles long and runs from Seattle, Washington to Boston, Massachusetts. Interstate 80 is the second longest interstate, running from Teaneck, New Jersey to San Francisco, California for a total of 2,909 miles.

Have trucks ever run on only batteries?

Yes! Using electricity to power vehicles is not a new idea. The 1911 Walker in the museum’s collection ran on 10 large wet cell batteries. This truck could travel 50 miles on a charge.

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