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Below you will find presentations and videos about different topics related to the trucking industry. A couple of the presentations – Trucks of All Purposes and Interstates: Connecting the Country – include questions for discussion and knowledge checks that aren’t featured in the videos.


Trucks of All Purposes

Trucks serve a number of purposes. Some haul goods and livestock. Others are used by community helpers to deliver mail, collect garbage, and fight fires. In this video and presentation, you’ll learn about some of the many purposes that trucks in Iowa 80’s collection have fulfilled.




Interstates: Connecting the Country

Interstates play a vital role to the trucking industry and our daily lives. In this video and presentation, you will learn about the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 which lead to the development of the interstate system across America, why interstates are important, how interstates are numbered, different types of interchanges, and more.




Journey of a Rubber Duck

Truck drivers are essential to the transportation of goods across the nation. Some goods travel on trains, boats, and planes, but without trucks, goods could not get from the port or station to stores. This video and presentation follows Lucky the rubber duck and Mary the truck driver on their journey along I-80 from San Francisco, California to Walcott, Iowa.




Jobs in Trucking

There are a variety of jobs in the trucking industry. Some truckers haul dry vans. Others pull tankers or refrigerated freight trailers. Truck drivers might travel long distances or they may deliver their cargo locally. This video and presentation explains the different types of jobs a trucker might have.


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