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Below is a sampling of the many trucks on display in our Trucking Hall of Fame® Exhibit Hall. Check out our app for more information, photos, and an audio recording for each truck.  Click here to download.

1946 White WA22

Engine Type:
386 Cubic Inch White 6-Cylinder Gasoline

Transmission Type:
4-Speed, 3-Speed Auxiliary

Truck Information:
This 1946 White WA22 was originally used as a moving truck. It rolled off the assembly line in Cleveland, Ohio in April of 1946. Its original owner lived in Beaver Dam, Ohio. This truck was licensed and used by Mayflower Transit until 1979; it had only one primary driver for 33 years. It has been in the Iowa 80 collection for a number of years, but was newly restored in 2012. The truck can get up to 55 mph, which was more than sufficient given that the speed limit where it mainly operated didn't exceed 45 mph. This White has one of the first integrated sleepers seen in production, and it is only 18 inches wide. Still, that's wider than the truck's narrow cab. To add the sleeper, they had to angle the doors out. If you stand in front of the truck and look at the side you can see that when the windows were open, bugs would come through; if someone was in the sleeper, they'd get hit in the face by bugs as the driver traveled on down the road. The windshield wipers are air-operated; air from the brake system is used to power them. That is how it was done until the ‘90s. The truck does have a heater which is a bit unique for the time. This truck also has one of the last wood-structured cabs that White ever made; in 1947, all cabs produced were steel. Truck driving was - and still is - a hard job. However, running a truck like this made it harder. It has a crossover gas tank which holds about 100 gallons of highly flammable gas and sits right behind the cab. Diesel fuel can catch fire, but not nearly as easily as gas. Drivers that got into a wreck would burn up instantly. Top Speed: 55 MPH

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