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1930 Studebaker Wrecker S Series

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Studebaker got its start in South Bend, Indiana in the 1850s as a Conestoga wagon manufacturer. Eventually the company began building cars and trucks, and grew to be very large. During World War II, they provided trucks for the military. The company narrowly survived the Depression in the '30s, and they merged with Packard in the '50s. Unfortunately, they closed in 1963. This 1930 Studebaker was used as a wrecker by Marcus Motors Inc., of Denver, Colorado. Marcus Motors was the largest Studebaker dealer west of the Mississippi. Almost fifty years after it was purchased, the truck was found in a farm town neglected and misused to the point of hardly being recognizable. Two men from Colorado Springs, Colorado put several thousand dollars and countless hours of work into bringing it back to its original condition. With the help of many Studebaker lovers and a family member with a photo of the truck in its earlier years, the external restoration was completed. You'll notice that the gas tank is mounted at the rear, giving added weight to the rear wheels in order to increase traction. The oval headlights are pretty stylish for a truck. There is a crank-out window for air conditioning. The truck also has a horn and siren. The light in back for the hand-crank wrecker was probably added later. This truck was generously donated to us by Lloyd & Margaret Van Horn of Mason City, IA.

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