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1919 Pierce Arrow

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Truck Information:
Pierce-Arrow was well known for production of luxury cars when they brought their first trucks to market in 1912. While the Pierce-Arrow truck was not as luxurious as their cars, the company's trucks were made with careful engineering, using high quality materials to create a well-built truck that performed well and lasted under heavy use. This model uses solid rubber tires in its design, along with a wooden cab, crank start, worm drive, steel dump body, and a hydraulic lift mechanism to raise and lower the bed. Due to the high quality of engineering and materials, Pierce-Arrow was able to market their 1919 truck as being the "cheapest truck to buy" despite its $4,500 price tag - claiming a lower cost due to the lack of operating and repair costs, and low maintenance for proper upkeep of their trucks. The George N. Pierce Company dates back to the 1870s. Their first venture into transportation was with building bicycles in Buffalo, New York. Then in 1901, they built their first car. The company name was changed to Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company in 1908. During World War I the plant in Buffalo employed 10,000 workers; they built 14,000 trucks for the French and British military. The Depression took a toll on Pierce-Arrow, and they built their last trucks in 1932. However, White Motor Company continued to make trucks with the Pierce-Arrow name until 1935, three years before they ceased operations. Top Speed: 20 MPH

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