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Below is a sampling of many of the trucks on display in our Trucking Hall of Fame® Exhibit Hall. When you visit, you’ll find more than what is featured here.

1923 International

Truck Information:
This 1923 International is a Speed Six model and it was purchased new by the Ellerbrock family; their name is still on the door. You can see that they had it for a long time; there are gas ration stickers and a license sticker from 1945 on the windshield. It has a small flat-head, four-cylinder engine with not much power. There is an electrical system on this truck; it has electric lights. The brakes are two-wheel and there are no windshield wipers. On the steering column of this truck is a spark-and-throttle control. You had to adjust the timing when the engine speeds up. The spark has to come earlier when the engine RPM increases. Back then you had to adjust the timing by ear. The controls include a light switch and a choke, no other instruments. The gas tank is under the seat; you fill it from inside the cab. You pull the windows up and down by hand, no crank. The cab is wood framed with metal covering. There is a starter on the engine, but there is also a place for a starter crank. Batteries were somewhat undependable back then and not very strong, so you needed the option to hand crank. There are little gas primer cups on the engine to help you start in the wintertime. You can also release compression so it is easier to crank start by hand. You can put gas directly in the primer cups and it will go directly into the cylinders so that it will fire easier. It has an updraft carburetor. In the winter when it's cold, gas does not vaporize or atomize well; that gives you a little advantage for getting started. The Ellerbrock family in Sac City, Iowa, bought this truck new and they donated it to us; they are still in the trucking business. You had to know what you were doing to drive a vehicle back then. It took a lot of extra skills that are no longer necessary.

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