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Below is a sampling of the many trucks on display in our Trucking Hall of Fame® Exhibit Hall. Check out our app for more information, photos, and an audio recording for each truck.  Click here to download.

1969 International Loadstar

Engine Type:
V8 Gasoline, 345 Cubic Inch

Transmission Type:
5-Speed with 2-Speed Rear Axle

Truck Information:
Truck makers have made many special-purpose trucks over the years. This 1969 International Loadstar, for instance, was made for the mobile home transportation trade. It was used to pull mobile homes and then to move them around in a trailer court to set them up for being occupied. Notice the mirrors; they are mounted in a way that allows them to be extended. Mobile homes can be 14- to 18-foot wide; you would have needed these extended mirrors to see past the mobile home. The funniest part of this truck is that it is so short. Actually, this is an adjustable wheelbase truck. You could make it longer or shorter by pulling or replacing a few pins. On the road you would have a longer, better handling truck. When you got into the trailer court, the truck was really short so you could maneuver it easily. If you were traveling on a highway with the truck in the short position, it would be very easy for the mobile home to manhandle you if there was a stiff breeze; that's why you would want the longer wheelbase for the open road. You don't see these trucks around anymore. Mobile homes are now moved with regular long-wheelbase over-the-road trucks. The new trailer courts have the trailers positioned further apart so maneuvering into tight spaces is not needed. Top Speed: 60 MPH

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