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Below is a sampling of many of the trucks on display in our Trucking Hall of Fame® Exhibit Hall. When you visit, you’ll find more than what is featured here.

1938 Fageol

Truck Information:
This 1938 Fageol was built to be an off-road logging truck. It is too wide to travel on normal-size roads, and certainly would not be legal on today's modern roads. The frame is reinforced with railroad track steel. They hauled heavy loads of logs out of the timber with this. It was one of three Fageol trucks bought that year by Robinson Logging in northern California. This is the only one that has survived. The engine is a Cummins H, which is one of the first truck diesels. It has 150 horsepower, not much by today's standards. It has a three- and a four-speed transmission, twelve total forward speeds, and Timken drive axles. This truck is not just big and powerful for its time; it is also pretty extravagant for a truck. The radiator is cast aluminum, shark gill hood vents, ornate hood ornament; those are the kind of details that Fageol offered. This truck was made in Oakland, California, during the last year of production by Fageol. T. A. Peterman, a California logger, bought the factory and its contents. In 1939 the first Peterbilt truck was built. In the Fageol tradition, Peterbilts were built with high quality and high standards: a tradition that has carried through to today.

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