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Below is a sampling of many of the trucks on display in our Trucking Hall of Fame® Exhibit Hall. When you visit, you’ll find more than what is featured here.

1959 Diamond T Cab Over

Truck Information:
Diamond T, at one time, was a very popular truck. This 1959 Diamond T 921 Cabover was extremely popular in the '50s due to the length limit laws which were pretty restrictive. Interstates were few and far between, highways still went through towns and drivers needed to make sharp turns. UPS used to have a lot of these in their fleet. This truck has a 195 HP engine, a five-speed main transmission and a two-speed rear axle. That isn't much power for a truck with a full load; an imperceptible grade or almost nonexistent breeze would slow it down. This truck is pulling a double-decker 1967 Wilson Cattle Trailer. Just imagine what this truck was like with a load of cattle. . . "Good morning, my name is Roy and I'm hauling a full load of cattle that I picked up at the Kansas City stockyards. I'm taking them to a meat packing plant in Iowa. Livestock hauling isn't like any other kind of trucking, you got a top-heavy load that likes to shift around. With just the slightest jerk of the wheel you can roll it over; if you don't have a full load to keep the cows from moving around, they will all shift to one side and you WILL roll it over. This Diamond T is a good truck for the job; it doesn't have much power so it has two speeds, slow and slower. When I started hauling cattle and pigs an old driver told me, 'you're not a driver with a livestock trailer. You are a chauffer.' No sudden lane changes, no sudden avoidances. Just take it easy and steady."

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