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1973 Diamond Reo

Engine Type:
Cummins NTC-350

Transmission Type:

Truck Information:
In 1971, Diamond Reo introduced a new series of conventional, heavy class trucks which included this 1973 Apollo-116. Production of this new series, titled C-116, continued until 1975 when the company went bankrupt. One of the main ideas behind the C-116 series from Diamond Reo was to design a line of custom-built, diesel-powered trucks. With four major ways to customize their new truck, the driver had options regarding the length of the wheelbase, the position of the front axle, the assembly of the hood, and the option for a sleeper box. Diamond Reo was a pioneer of altering the location of the front axle on their trucks. Normally the front axle would sit 30 inches behind the front bumper, but they allowed an option to set the front axle back an additional 18 inches – this allowed for hundreds of pounds worth of payload to be transferred to the front. The original owner of this truck, Jim Frazier, might not have altered the front axle, but he did customize this truck with a 206” wheelbase and sleeper cabin. Frazier even expanded the sleeper cabin from its original 36” to make it a walk-in sleeper at 65”. Over the 20 years Frazier drove this truck, he accumulated more than 1,700,000 miles driving from coast to coast. In March of 2019 Frazier’s family donated his 1973 Diamond Reo truck to the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum.

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