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Below is a sampling of many of the trucks on display in our Trucking Hall of Fame® Exhibit Hall. When you visit, you’ll find more than what is featured here.

1913 Rambler

Engine Type:
4 cylinder

Transmission Type:

Truck Information:
Thomas B. Jeffrey built and sold Rambler bicycles from 1878 to 1900. He was one of America's first men interested in building automobiles. His experimental prototypes in the early 1900's included such radical ideas as steering wheels and front mounted engines. A wide variety of styles of cars were built under the Rambler name, including trucks. Upon Jeffrey's death in 1902, his son Charles took over the business and in 1914 renamed it Jeffrey, which became the world's largest producer of trucks during WWI. This 1913 Rambler was purchased new for $2,350 and used by a plumber in Rock Island, Illinois. The maximum load amount this truck can carry is 2,000 pounds. This could handle the weight because it weighs 4,150 pounds its self. The engine has a 4 ½ inch bore with a 5 inch stroke and includes a 7 port adjustable external oiling system.

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