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Below is a sampling of the many trucks on display in our Trucking Hall of Fame® Exhibit Hall. Check out our app for more information, photos, and an audio recording for each truck.  Click here to download.

1988 Mack R690T

Engine Type:
11L 6-Cylinder Turbocharged Diesel

Transmission Type:
Mack Maxitorque 5 speed

Truck Information:
The Mack R series was introduced in 1966 and was produced continuously for nearly forty years. This popular truck is still a common sight on roads and highways today. Our example is a very clean R690T model with a dump bed. It was used to haul all sorts of landscaping materials; the dump bed proudly lists mulch, sand, gravel, stone, compost, and topsoil. In this model designation, R stands for the standard model, 600 represents the gross vehicle weight rating, and T signifies that this is a tractor-style truck. This truck has seen plenty of use with nearly 800,000 miles on the clock. Although that many miles would be shocking on a typical passenger vehicle, heavy duty trucks are designed to last. Mack began phasing the long-lived R series in 2001 with the introduction of the Granite. Like the R series, the Mack Granite is available as a straight truck or as a semi tractor. The R series was finally discontinued in 2005 and the Granite is still in production today.

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