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1928 Graham Screenside

Engine Type:
Dodge 6-Cylinder

Transmission Type:

Truck Information:
The Graham Brothers may be unfamiliar to most of us, but this company was largely responsible for founding one of the most successful truck lines in automotive history. Graham began building truck bodies in 1919 and entered a partnership with Dodge Brothers just a few years later. This partnership was mutually beneficial to the two automotive companies: Dodge Brothers would supply Graham with Dodge powertrains and sell Grahams in their dealerships, and Graham would expand Dodge’s meager commercial offerings with their well-regarded and extremely popular trucks. This arrangement worked quite well for both companies - so well, in fact, that Dodge absorbed Graham outright in 1926. During this time, all commercial vehicles sold at Dodge dealerships (including the few that were originally developed by Dodge) we sold as Grahams. In 1928 Chrysler purchased Dodge, and in 1929 they discontinued the Graham brand. The Screenside model (also known as “the Commercial Car”) was one of Dodge’s only commercial offerings prior to partnering with Graham. It was closely based on a light-duty truck Dodge developed for the US military during the first World War. In 1927, after fully absorbing Graham, Dodge rebadged its Screenside trucks as Grahams. In 1929, the Graham name was discontinued, and Screensides would become Dodges again. Our 1928 model is a rare example from this transitional period. This truck was generously donated by Leon Wardle.

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