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Below is a sampling of the many trucks on display in our Trucking Hall of Fame® Exhibit Hall. Check out our app for more information, photos, and an audio recording for each truck.  Click here to download.

1930 Ford Model AA

Engine Type:
201ci 4-Cylinder

Transmission Type:
4-Speed Manual

Truck Information:
The Ford Model AA was Ford’s second mass produced truck, following the Model TT. It is closely associated with the Model A passenger car, sharing many mechanical components and body panels. Although very popular, Models A and AA were produced for a much shorter period than the ubiquitous Model T – they were only in production from 1928 through 1931. By the late 20s and early 30s, competition among car manufacturers was fierce and Ford was no longer the undisputed leader. From this point onwards, Ford vehicles would receive much more frequent updates and redesigns. Never again would one design dominate the company for nearly twenty years. Like the earlier Model TT, the AA was adapted for many different purposes. Model AAs were ambulances, funeral coaches, mail trucks, and tanker trucks among many other uses. Our example sports a versatile wooden bed, which would have made it useful for many different applications. As a 1930 model, it features stamped steel wheels (as opposed to wire spoke wheels) and a 4-speed transmission.

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