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1. Play ‘I Spy’ with the signs on the walls in the Exhibit Hall (Colors, Shapes, Letters).

2. Tell students about the history of 1910 Avery.

The Avery is the 2nd oldest truck in the museum. The 1910 model was advertised to do the work of 6-8 horses at a top speed of 15MPH. Note the steering wheel is on the right side of the truck.  In 2010, the Avery celebrated its 100th birthday and the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum threw a big party!

3. Count the number of a certain color truck in the Exhibit Hall.

Our most common colors are red and green.

4. Why does the 1930 U.S. Mail truck have skis instead of wheels?

The truck has skis so it could get the mail delivered when heavier trucks were stuck in the snow.

5. Count the number of wheels on a truck or trailer.

Pick 2-3 trucks.  Choose a mix of trucks with and without trailers.

6. Find different shapes the trucks have on them.

Circles for the wheels and headlights, rectangles for the truck bed, diamonds on the tires and on some of the grills, arrow in turn signal lights of the 1949 Brockway.

7. Discuss trucking vocabulary like headlights, tires.

  • Headlights- light or lamp on the front of a truck.
  • Tires- a ring or band of rubber either solid, or hollow and inflated, placed over the rim of a wheel to provide traction.
  • Trailer- the part of the vehicle used to haul goods.  It is hooked up to an engine-powered tractor.

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