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2nd Grade

Social Studies

1. What kind of products do trucks haul?

A variety of answers would apply here:

Toys Machines Computers Books
Food Cars Mattresses Crayons
Clothing Tractors Desks Paper, etc

2. Ask students fun fact questions.

Click here for list.

3. Look at trucks now and trucks then, describe how they have physically changed.

Today’s trucks have rubber tires filled with air; they can go faster; they are bigger; can pull longer trailers; are more comfortable inside for the driver.

4. Ask students to list different materials that went into making a truck back then and what materials go into making a truck now.

wood, rubber, steel, leather

5. Why does the 1930 U.S. Mail truck have skis instead of wheels?

This truck is the U.S. Mail truck and it has skis on it to get the mail when heavier trucks are stuck in the snow.

6. Find the differences between the 1917 Velie and the 1925 Kenworth KS 3 ton or the 1924 White
    Wrecker Model 40.

1925 Kenworth Velie
Has a windshield Has headlights
Has the letters KW on the front Has a closed wood truck bed
Colors are red and green Has wooden tire rims
Has sides but no doors Has a door to get into truck
Has a side mirror Colors are black and yellow
Has wood trim around windshield
1924 White Wrecker Velie
Has tow crane on back Has open bed to carry stuff
Has windshield wipers Has wooden tire rims
Has wood rim around windshield Colors are black and gold
Has a side mirror Has Velie written on the front
Tires are wider Has solid rubber tires
Tires require air Has open sides


Since we rotate the trucks on display in the museum it would be best to do your own count of these with the students.

1.  How many more gas pumps with glass tops are there than rectangle oil pumps?

These are located in the lobby as well as the exhibit hall.

2.  How many red trucks are in the museum?  How many black trucks?  How many trucks would you
     have if you added the two together?

3.  Find the difference between the number of tires on a semi truck with a trailer and the number of
      tires on a car.

Semi trucks with trailers have 18 wheels.  Cars have 4.  The difference is 14.

Ideas for the Classroom:

  • Ask the students to draw and color a picture of their favorite truck and share with the class why it is their favorite.
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