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1st Grade

Social Studies

1. Why does the 1930 U.S. Mail truck have skis instead of wheels?

This U.S. Mail truck has skis on it to get the mail delivered when heavier trucks were stuck in the snow.

2. Ask students the fun fact questions.

Click here for list.

3. How do the antique gas pumps look different than those we use today?

Hand-crank, color, have glass tops, etc.

4. Explain to students that today we have self service gas stations, but they used to be full-service.
Explain the difference between self-service and full-service stations.

Self-service is serving one’s self so this means that you would fill up your own gas tank, like I’m sure you’ve seen your parents do.  At a full-service station, someone who works at the gas station pumps the gas for you.

In New Jersey and Oregon the law says that you are not allowed to pump your own gas.  They are the last two full service states in our Country.

5. Compare and contrast what trucks looked like then to what they look like now.

Children can view modern trucks at the front window of the museum lobby.

6. Teachers define what goods are.

Goods are things you buy.

Ask students what kinds of goods semi trucks haul.

A variety of answers would apply here:

Toys Machines Computers Books
Food Cars Mattresses Crayons
Clothing Tractors Desks Paper, etc.

Explain to students that everything they buy has traveled on a semi truck to the store.  Some items come all the way across the country on a semi truck.  Other items might travel part of the way by boat or train and the semi truck picks up the items from the port or train station (intermodal yard) and delivers them to the store.


Since we rotate the trucks on display in the museum it would be best to do your own count of these with the students.

1.  Count how many trucks have trailers.

2.  Count how many trucks do not have trailers.

Find the sum of the two.

3.  How many red trucks are there?

Ideas for the Classroom:

  • Ask the students to draw and color a picture of their favorite truck and share with the class why it is their favorite.
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