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1919 Pierce Arrow

A Bit of History:

  • A Bit of History:
    • Pierce completed its first truck prototype in 1909. The four-cylinder chain-drive truck was of the cab-over type. Although a decision was made to build 100 examples, the project was halted when further investigation suggested that many changes should be made to ensure a more rugged truck.
    • The resulting motor truck was the worm-drive, five-ton Model R-1, which ultimately evolved through the R-7, which was discontinued in 1915. The two-ton X-2 came along in 1913 and evolved into the X-3 in 1914.
    • Despite the company’s well-proven history in building luxury cars, there was nothing luxurious about the Pierce-Arrow trucks. They were, however, carefully engineered and very well built from top quality materials. As a result they performed and lasted well under heavy use.
    • Its big four-cylinder engine has its cylinders cast in pairs, has a one-piece crankcase and non-detachable cylinder heads. Not equipped with a self-starter, hand cranking is the order of the day with this truck. Power reaches the dual rear wheels via worm drive.

    Fun Facts:

    • The Pierce Arrow’s tires are solid rubber all around.
    • This Pierce-Arrow truck wears a wooden cab with roof and a steel dump body with a hydraulic lift mechanism mounted immediately behind the cab.
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